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Sachsen Wasser GmbH

is a specialised consulting company in the field of water supply and sanitation with a particular focus on water utility advisory and operations and maintenance (O&M). The company is based in Leipzig, Germany and operates worldwide.

Whereas Sachsen Wasser GmbH (SW) has been founded in the year 2000 as a 100% subsidiary of the municipal utility Kommunale Wasserwerke Leipzig GmbH (since 2016: Leipziger Wasserwerke), one of the largest water and wastewater utilities in Germany, since 2015 it operates as an independent consulting company. It is owned by Dr Jürgen Wummel, who also acts as Managing Director.

SW continues to cooperate with Leipziger Wasserwerke for sharing utility management experience, specific backstopping support for projects, as well as study and training visits in Leipzig. Leipziger Wasserwerke has more than 580 staff, serves roughly 694,000 inhabitants in the Leipzig region with water supply and wastewater services, operates 5 water works and 23 wastewater treatment plants as well as a combined water supply and sewer network of > 6,400 km.

The utility has first-hand experience in evolving from a formerly inefficient, overstaffed and subsidised state institution to a modern, market- and customer-faced service company with process-driven structures and state-of-the-art management tools, after 1990.

Utilising this transformation and change management expertise, SW has a long track record of successful international consulting and training projects in the water sector, mostly on behalf of water and wastewater utility organisations. Our project work has served numerous Clients in South-Eastern Europe, Central Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, Africa as well as Latin America.

SW supports and applies solutions in which municipalities assume responsibility for their water management. For many municipalities as well as water and waste water associations the communal scheme implemented in Leipzig represents an efficient alternative to a privatisation of water management. We are a partner to municipal representatives and offer services in the operation of water systems and consulting, for example organisational structures, tariff structures and financial planning, and the improvement operational and commercial procedures.

Water. Wastewater. Worldwide