Tajikistan. Nurek, Khorog. Corporate Development

Nurek Water and Waste Project, Corporate Development, Social Support and Stakeholder Participation Programme: Four years ago SUE ONK of Nurek began to operate as an independent business entity. The main activities of the utility are providing the population, organizations and enterprises with potable water and sewage treatment.

Khorog Project, Corporate Development and City Support Programme (Tajik Water II): In the previous phase, in terms of institutional development, the water company of Khorog (owned by the KMK) has developed an MIS and increased its institutional capacity and capacity to procure goods and services in line with international standards.

Nurek and Khorog: The aim of the Corporate Development Programme of the projects is to assist the companies to improve its commercial standing, service and environmental / social performance by supporting the identification and implementation where necessary establishment of the corporate, financial, operational and environmental / social management. The Stakeholder Participation Programme of the projects aims to continue at enhancing public ownership by encouraging water conservation, increasing public participation in the provision of water services (service quality, rehabilitation activities, tariffs integrating poverty and social issues) and raising public awareness on issues related to the Projects.

(financed by European Bank of Recon-struction and Development, EBRD)


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