Georgia. Tbilisi. Water and Energy Efficiency

Sachsen Wasser was hired by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to perform a detailed resource efficiency assessment of GWP, a major water utility company and producer of hydroelectric power based in Tbilisi (supplied population 1.1 Mill./customers 470,000). SaWa identifies technically feasible and cost-effective measures aimed at energy and water efficiency and non-revenue water (NRW) improvements. The purpose of the assignment was to help the client to reduce water losses and energy costs through development of a 3-5-year action plan, including low-cost improvements and prioritized investment projects. The final outcome was a comprehensive, well-justified midterm investment plan.Via multiple site visits SaWa conducted a detailed analysis of the present situation including review of internal working procedures, establishment of a water balance (IWA) and an energy balance, assessment of infrastructure set-up and asset conditions. Based on this detailed assessment recommendations for organizational and procedural improvements in terms of water and energy efficiency as well as rapid fixes were identified (low-cost measures). Furthermore investment projects and interventions leading to significant efficiency improvements were identified and analyzed for their technical and financial feasibility as well as for the expected realistic savings/monetary and resources savings. A total of 29 low-cost and investment measures have been identified and prioritized. Following the full implementation, these measures are expected result in annual savings of 127.3 Mill. m³, 166,400 MWh and combined benefit of ~17.2 Mill. US$ resulting from direct savings and from selling non-used energy to third party energy customers.


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