Ethiopia / Gambella region: Capacity Building for Itang Water Utility

Since May 2018, SaWa is implementing a project for the Itang Water Utili-ty (ITWU), located in the Gambella region of Ethiopia, near the South-Sudan border. The specific aspect of this project is that ITWU – as a newly formed utility responsible for managing the water supply system – does provide services to their host communities (Itang town and Thupham satellite town) and to the refugee camps in the region, namely: Tierkidi, Nguenyyiel and Kule with around 250,000 refugees. UNICEF has asked SaWa for the technical and commercial support handing over the water supply sys-tem into the hands of ITWU. In that context, the SaWa team supports ITWU in all aspects of operations and does implement a capacity building programme.

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