Bosnia and Herzegovina. Brcko. Feasibility Study

Sachsen Wasser was contracted to prepare a comprehensive feasibility study (FS), to provide an overview of the “JP Komunalno Brcko” procedures and technical, operational, environmental, social, and financial performance, to determine define the basis for the company's restructuring objectives within the loan document. Finally, the FS serves the bank to appraise the project and take a decision on the prospective financing. SaWa, in closed collaboration with its partners KPMG, ENOVA and Hydro Control, as well as the Brcko District and Komunalno developed a long-term investment plan, highlighting its benefits on technical and financial, but also environmental and social site. The following main tasks were deve-loped during this assignment: Baseline study * Technical assessment of water supply and wastewater Systems * Long term investment strategy * Priority Investment Programme (PIP) * Financial analysis and financial model * Environmental and social assess-ment (ESA) * Resource efficiency assessment.

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