Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bihac. Waste water collection and treatmenBrcko. Feasibility Study

SaWa elaborates a Feasibility Study for Brcko district and the komunalno water utility, which provide not only water and sanitation services to the inhabitants but also is responsible for energy supply and waste management in the District. The Kick-off meeting was celebrated on March 14 in the City Hall under the presence of representatives from the district and service company as well as the project manager and advisor from the EBRD from London, Belgrad and Sarajevo. The target of this 16 week assignment is to determine a Priority Investment Programme (the "PIP") of nearly 12 Mill Euro, developed from a long-term investment strategy, and evaluate its benefits, including assessing its environmental and social feasibility. Therefore, SaWa with its national part-ners and sub-consultants will identify projects that will sensibly lead to further improvements in water supply and sewerage systems in Brcko and lead to sustainable and efficient provision of those services. The Feasibility Study will be elaborated in close cooperation with the stakeholders and the EBRD and will serve as a basis for a project evaluation by EBRD to appraise the project and take a decision on the prospective financing.

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