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Sachsen Wasser GmbH  is a specialised consulting company in the field of water supply and sanitation with a particular focus on water utility advisory and operations and maintenance. The company is based in Leipzig/Germany and operates worldwide.


Sachsen Wasser GmbH offers its partners and clients full service from drinking water production to waste water disposal and renders administrative, technical, financial and commercial support to water and waste water utilities worldwide.


Sachsen Wasser GmbH has a long track record of successful projects in the water sector, mostly on behalf of water and waste water utility organisations in South-Eastern Europe, Central/East Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

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Sachsen Wasser GmbH is an East German service provider for water and waste water facilities. We base our consultancy, operational and training services in all areas of water and waste water on our practical knowledge.



We provide a wide range of consulting services to our clients worldwide. Our main Focus areas are the optimisation of water utility operations, the institutional strengthening, the implementation of energy management systems, the reducing of water losses or improving capacity building.



We operate efficiently water and waste water facilities for our clients, including e.g. local staff training, implementing maintenance strategies or introducing operating manuals. In order to achieve sustainable development and a forward-looking supply of water, it is essential to improve the operation of drinking water and waste water facilities.



We provide training services in all areas of water utility management, both in our facilities in Leipzig and locally on site. Training activities are tailor-made for our clients. Topics of our training are e.g. organisational, financial, commercial or technical. Trainings are targeted to management, administrative or operational staff.



Water. Wastewater. Worldwide